How to Select a Black Flower Girl Dress

While the color brown is appearing more and more often in wedding clothing, where a flower girl’s garments are concerned, black is still somewhat controversial. After all, the history of the flower girl was to symbolize the purity of the bride through the wearing of white garments and the spreading of flower petals. When you choose flower girl dresses you might be automatically overriding this idea of purity, and even upsetting some people who do not agree with dressing children in formal colors such as black.

On the other hand, a black flower girl dress is now also becoming the epitome of modernity and chic. This is particularly so for evening and late afternoon weddings in which the rest of the bridal party is in darker colors too. In fact, dressing all of the bridal party in black garments is an ever-increasing trend.

So, how do you go about selecting a black flower girl dress that will still give an air of youthful innocence? It is actually quite easy, and begins with understanding the appropriateness of the cut and design of the garment. A little girl dressed up in black should still look like a little girl, and so the cut of the dress should reflect only child-like styles. For example, an organza tier dress of elegant chiffon can easily be worn by a child of any age if it had a full bodice and some sort of softer accent like a silk flower at the waistline it will look even better.

A black flower girl dress might also be something more innovative and unique in order to remain suitable for a child. For instance, selecting a simple A-line dress with an inserted panel in the neckline would create an angular and modern look, but would still appear sweet and innocent on a little girl.

Naturally, a black and white palette is always elegant and age appropriate and the bride who selects a classic profile of a black sleeveless bodice and thick waistline sash paired with a white full skirt is sure to succeed. There are some options which use sequins and embroidery to give a white skirt an array of sparkling black dots that are the absolute epitome of formal attire.

While there will be some who wrinkle their noses over the use of black in a wedding ensemble, and who will frown even more over a child dressed in black, it is important to remember that a well-chosen gown that works in the overall color scheme is sure to be a success.