Top 10 Rated Tours of Madrid

If you are planning a vacation to Madrid then this post will help you to know about the best tours of the city. It is quite good if you enjoy the city as a local and for that you should know a little about it. The bus tours are the best way to explore the city and its diverse culture. You can come out of the bus anytime click pictures and explore the place and get back to the bus for the next destination. You have audio commentary feature too that is the best guide for you and you can learn more about the place.

Before visiting the place, you must have an idea about the hotels and the activities. You can also make advance booking from the website so that you don’t have to face any hassle at the time of the tour. You will get confirmation on your phone as e-voucher or ticket which you can print out.

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Things to Know About Madrid

  • Museo Reina Sofia Museum – The museum was inaugurated by Queen Sofia in 1992 and was built in addition to the Prado museum. You can see the best artworks of the Spanish artists and the works of Picasso.
  • Mercado De San Miguel Food Destination – If you are a foodie then you cannot resist yourself from visiting this awesome food destination for the local signature dishes. The shopping complex is surrounded by fascinating glass walls. You can enjoy the flavors of salted fish to cakes. This site has major events like concerts and dancing events.
  • Debod’s Temple – This temple was built to resemble goddess Isis. It is one of the most uncommon sites of Madrid. Once the temple used to be situated on the bank of the river Nile but due to construction issues the temple was stepped in Parque del Oeste.
  • Plaza Visit – The Plaza de Cibeles is one of the most stylish Plaza in Madrid. You can view all the neo classical style buildings near the plaza. In the middle of the plaza you will see a statue that resembles the city’s symbol.
  • Gate of The Sun – ­ This is also known as Puerta del Sol. It is a place which is mostly crowded at the time of the New Year’s Eve. There is a clock that rings at the new year’s night. In front of the building you will find the Kilometer Zero and this is the point from where the measurement of the national highway begins.
  • Gran Via Street – The street is also known to be never sleeping street. The street has top restaurants, businesses and shops. The street is known to have the largest building of Europe “Telefonica”.  The baroque’s clock is considered as one of the top landmarks.
  • Parque Del Buen Retiro – The park is 350 acres land consisting of gardens and fountains. The park has its history as monastery at a time but it was converted to the park when Philips II moved his court to Madrid in 1561.
  • Museo Del Prado – This museum is also known as Prado museum designed by Juan de Villanueva. The museum has most of the artworks from the 12th century to the 19th Century. You can see the great collection of Spanish artists.
  • Plaza Mayor – This is the death center of most of the heretics. This was built in 1619 and has the statue of famous Philips III on the horse. Facing the plaza there is an information center.
  • Palacio Real- This is the royal palace of the city with more than 2500 decorated rooms in it.

These were some of the best places of Madrid.