6 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Private Investigator

Employing Investigative Services in Raleigh is an important step and not every investigation company will be legit and trustworthy. You want to hire a PI whom you will be comfortable with and whom you will have a trustworthy relationship. Before hiring a private investigator, there are various questions which you should first ask. When you ask questions and get answers, you will be able to avoid situations where the PI violates the law, and you become liable for their actions. Below are some of the questions which you should ask.

  • Are they licensed

The first important question to ask a PI before hiring them is whether they are licensed. If they’re in a state which requires a PI to have a license, ask for their license number. Once you have the license number, you can use it to see further details of the PI on an online database provided by the country in which the license was applied in.

  • Where is their office located?

If you are not aware of where the PI office is, you can ask them for the location so that you can go there if you need to. Also, note that if the investigator only works alone and from home, he might be reluctant to show you where he stays to protect himself. Hence you should not be put off by that.

  • Is the investigator available 24/7?

If the investigator whom you are interviewing only works part of the day, then you should probably continue with your search. The nature of investigative services is that it requires one to be flexible. Criminals or cheating spouses do not only carry out their misdeeds from 9-5, they can do it any time of the day.

  • Does the company have both male and female investigators?

If you prefer working with a male or female investigator, then you should ask. Large investigation companies are the ones who mostly employ both male and female investigators. Otherwise, if the company does not have a private investigator of the sex type which you want you may continue to look until you find one which will suit your needs.

  • How will the investigator update you on your case?

Ask the PI how they will keep you updated on the progress of your case. The investigator can either update you with the use of a daily email report, a phone call or a weekly report If the case is complicated and lengthy.

  • Is the investigator willing to be a witness in court when called upon?

A private investigator is experienced in court hearings and at times can be called to be a witness. But ensure that you ask the investigator beforehand if they can be a witness when need be. If you are planning on taking your case to court and the investigator is not willing to be a witness, you should look for another investigator.

What you want or expect to get after an investigation is done will not always be what is in the final report. A PI will not guarantee you that you will get the results which you want. The Private investigator will only do his work and the outcome can either be negative or positive.