Admiring Anna: A Closer Look at Dmitry Rybolovlev’s Yacht

When you’re worth $6.8 billion, own successful businesses and part of the elite Forbes list of billionaires, buying a yacht would come natural for you. For Dmitry Yevgenyevich Rybolovlev, a Russian businessman and investor, buying Donald Trump’s mansion, living in a $300 million penthouse in Monaco and owning one of the Greek islands was not enough to keep up with everyone else on his billionaire’s circle.

That’s why he invested in two of the best things money can buy, a jet named Kate after his daughter Ekaterina and a luxury yacht named Anna after his second daughter Anna.

The Man Behind the Fortune: Dmitry Rybolovlev

Born in 1966 to doctor parents, it was natural for Dmitry Rybolovlev to follow his parents’ footsteps. After graduating from the Perm Medical Institute, Dmitry worked in a local hospital and later married Elena, a fellow classmate.

They had two daughters named Ekaterina and Anna. He started a business with his father and later ventured into producing potassium fertilizers through his company Uralkali where he made most of his fortune. In 2010, he sold his stake at the company for $6.5 billion. The next year, Dmitry bought two-thirds of football club AS Monaco that won its first French Football Championship in 2017 after 17 years.

Dmitry always had a taste for finer things. He is an avid art collector known for selling a Salvator Mundi painting to the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia for $450.3 million. He also has an impressive list of assets including Donald Trump’s Palm Beach mansion, a $90-million private jet and his newest acquisition, Anna, a luxury yacht he bought in October 2018.

A Yacht Fit For Royalty: Anna

Before acquiring Anna last year, Dmitry already owned a yacht named Anna I built by Feadship and can accommodate up to 17 guests. Anna I boasts of a two level master suite, a gym, sauna, hamman and saloon that turns into a disco. Dmitry put Anna I on the market in 2017 for EUR65 million. Last year, Feadship delivered Dmitry’s new toy, Anna and it has everything that one can ask for in a luxury yacht and more:

  • Anna is the largest yacht ever made by Feadship to date measuring at 110 meters or 361 feet, a lot larger than Dmitry’s first yacht Anna I that only measured 67 meters. Anna has 6 cabins to accommodate 18 guests and has 15 cabins for its 30 crewmembers. Anna was valued by Feadship at $250 million and was delivered to Dmitry last October 2018.
  • Michael Leach Design who designed Anna I is still responsible for the overall look of the yacht in collaboration with Dmitry’s personal decorator Brian McCarthy Inc. from New York. De Voogt Naval Architects, on the other hand, took care of its in-house naval architecture.
  • Aside from being Feadship’s largest yacht, Anna is also one of the largest yachts ever made in the Netherlands together with the Jubilee and Oceanco. The yacht was built at Feadship’s Makkum shipyard and was previously named Feadship 1007.
  • Anna is a custom yacht model with a beam of 59.06 feet, draft of 13.45 feet and gross tonnage of 4693 tons. It has a cruising speed of 12 knots and top speed of 18 knots.
  • The yacht was built following the Lloyds Register classification society rules and features an aluminum superstructure, teak decks and a displacement steel hull. It also boasts of zero speed stabilizers to ensure the comfort of its guests while the yacht is stationary, especially in rough waters.
  • Some of Anna’s amenities include an on-deck Jacuzzi, an elevator, a swimming pool, a beach club, barbeque, a tender garage, a bathroom platform and a helipad.
  • Anna now joins the rank of the largest superyachts in the world replacing Symphony, Feadship’s flagship yacht launched in 2015 measuring 101.5 meters.
  • One of Anna’s most noticeable features is its dramatic curve that links its main deck with the upper deck. It also a fold-out superyacht beach club, which makes for the perfect venue for those onboard parties that Dmitry and his family will surely be hosting.
  • Before being delivered to Dmitry, Anna set out on July 24, 2018 from the port of Den Helder in the Netherlands for a series of rigorous sea trials in the North Sea.

Although Dmitry had a rough year with accusations thrown at him in Monaco, Anna is definitely one of his biggest successes for 2018. From sailing to the high seas in style to partying on board, being the owner of one of the largest superyachts in the world today definitely has a lot of perks.