Do you have ambitions?

After work, you go to hot pot restaurant with your coworkers, which kind of meat do you want to eat most?

  1. Beef
  2. Chicken
  3. Lamb
  4. Pork


Test results:

A. Your ambition rating is 95. You are the number one careerist, ambitious and thoughtful. You look like a good man, but deliberately plan secretly.

B. Your ambition rating is 30. You don’t have any ambition, but you are very smart. However, your emotional intelligence is low. It is very easy to you to take advantage of others.

C.  Your ambition rating is 50. You can be talented and likeable, you have ambition but not perseverance.

D. Your ambition rating is 70. You think you can become a leader to enjoy the power. You spent too much time on fight with others, but nobody trust in you.

E. Your ambition rating is 65. You like to show off but are easily self-defeating. You always think too much when  you do your job.