VoIP Telecommunication Technology and the Workplace

More businesses are starting to incorporate VoIP phone systems into their workplace. Every business needs to have reliable phone access. VoIP phone systems (Voice over internet protocol) are much different than older traditional proprietary phone systems; the technology uses an internet connection. They have a wide variety of advantages that standard phone systems do not have, this telecommunication technology is gradually replacing traditional telephones. Here are some of the benefits that come with using a VoIP phone system.

The installation process involved with a VoIP phone system is relatively simple, the configuration is very easy. It doesn’t require much technological expertise; it doesn’t involve the hassle of hiring a contractor to install wiring. All you need is an IP phone and an internet connection. The software they offer allows you to add new users very easily. It also offers you easy to maintain web portals that allow you to conveniently change the system configuration to your liking. It doesn’t require you to install any hardware at all.

It will also allow your business to save money on phone lines you do not use. It allows you to add a new line to your business as soon as you add a new employee; you can also easily remove that line. It’s portable, if your business requires you to do a lot of traveling, having a VoIP phone system will enable you to access your contacts remotely through a web portal, and allow you to remotely adjust the system configurations. No matter where you are in the world, its cloud hosted system will allow you to divert your calls to wherever you are. It will also save your business a lot of money on international calling. VoIP phone calling is relatively cheaper than traditional phone calls, this will save you as much as 90% on long distance calling. Not to mention, you will save an extraordinary amount of money on taxes. All it requires an internet connection, and a VoIP Phone. Many businesses will use VoIP phones with built in features that enable them more accessibly when it comes to conference calling. The polycom ip7000, for instance, features an expansive microphone that increases room coverage and offers high fidelity audio, this type of phone is ideal for boardrooms and executive offices.

It has a wide variety of features, including, caller ID, conference calling, call waiting and call transfers, it will allow you to block unwanted callers. Virtual faxing will offer you instant communication without having to go through the grueling process of using a traditional fax machine. This will allow your company to save money on paper and toner, allowing you to send and receive virtual faxes through a hosted VoIP system. Additionally, it will provide you advanced encrypted security features that protect your company from communication breaches. Some VoIP Systems will even transcribe your voicemail messages into texts and provide your calls better voice quality than a traditional phone. Adding a VoIP phone system to your business will improve the overall structure and efficiency of your company.